Robin Graham​

A radio show interview of Donna Allen, along with a panel of guests on the subject of women and disability, was aired on The Women's Magazine Show at KPFA radio station

"I hope all is well, Donna, and thank you again so very much for joining 'The Women's Magazine'.  I look forward to getting you back on the air on 'Pushing Limits' and 'Cover to Cover' and further down the road back on 'The Women's magazine', too."
​(Safi Wa Nairobi)

Safi Wa Nairobi, Radio Host of the Women's Magazine Show at KPFA Radio Station
(Donna Allen was interviewed on the Women's Magazine Show hosted by Safi Wa Nirobi on the subject of women and disability)

"Donna is an inspiration.  Her story, her heart, and her ability to use what God has given her to reach out to others is truly moving"
(Dr. Melody Brooke).

"I loved our interview and the time we spent together on the show. It was not only fun but touching to me."
(Dr. Melody Brooke)

(Dr. Melody Brooke Lic. Marriage & Family Therapist and host of Life Beyond Trauma Internet Radio Show)
(Donna Allen was a featured guest on the Life Beyond Trauma Internet Radio Show Hosted by Dr. Melody Brooke)


"Congratulations on being on TV!  Wow!  You Certainly have an inspirational story.  I would love to have a copy of the DVD. I admire the way you focus on getting out there. I should take lessons from you (smile).  I hope to hear more about your ongoing accomplishments.
I know there will be many."
(Gail Johnson)

(Gail Johnson, owner and CEO of Lasting Impression, one of the top San Francisco Bay Area's on-camera media skills and presentation skills coaching firms)
(Donna Allen was a student at Gail Johnson's on-camera media skills and presentation skills classes at Lasting Impression Media and Presentation Skills Coaching Firm)

"Your show just aired this Wednesday. It was incredible! Thank you so much for taking the time to be our guest!"
(Jennifer Geronimo)

Jennifer Geronimo, Speaker, Author Management, and assistant to television show host Jill Lublin, host of 'Messages of Hope' Television Show.


My Story

Ever since I was a little girl, I longed for a place where I could feel loved and valued. As a child, I was entangled within a web of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of someone who should have loved and protected me. I used my violin and classical music to mentally escape the relentless brutally at home. And I poured my heart and soul into the delicate and subtle emotions of the music trying to protect a broken heart.

As a young adult, I carried a lot of emotional baggage from my childhood. I had very low self-esteem and it affected every decision I made. And then I fell into the arms of a man who offered me a life free from bondage. But I felt trapped in this man's secret life filled with an illness of his own personal obsessions. I felt emotionally amputated and the only thing that held me together was my violin and classical music.

Dan Windheim​

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"It's hard to write about trauma.  It's even harder to move beyond it.  But Donna Allen has done both with courage, resilience, clarity, and strength.  She has transformed her life.  Anyone seeking inspiration can find it in her."
(Michele Rosenthal)

Michele Rosenthal, Keynote Speaker, Award-Nominated 
Author, Post-Trauma Coach

(Donna Allen was a Contributing Writer to Michele Rosenthal's Heal My PTSD blog)

Michele Rosenthal​

Donna Allen was a featured guest on the internet radio show, "Dialogues With Dan" on Rockland World Radio. Donna discussed with radio show host, Dan Windheim, her harrowing airplane crash experience and how she survived it.

Millions of people are suffering and are living a life of quiet desperation. Many of these people are searching for an answer to heal the wounded human spirit. Learn how to Take Back Your Life after you've survived a traumatic life-altering experience.

If you've experienced physical abuse, verbal abuse, or emotional abuse, you are a survivor.

If you've sustained a sever head injury, sever bodily injuries, or an injury that rendered you permanently disabled, your are a survivor.

Donna Allen was a featured guest on the local television show, "Messages Of Hope" on the Comcast TV Network. Donna shared,  with TV host Jill Lublin and her viewing audience, her experience of overcoming her child abuse trauma and her devastating airplane crash injuries.

SOR Magazine​

And then I found myself in the drama and breathlessness of an airplane that was careening out of control. As I gripped my seat, trying to brace myself for the impact, I thought about all the things I could have done right in my life even though so many things had been going so wrong.

Although I survived the airplane crash, I suffered from physical paralyses and amnesia. I felt like I was loosing my mind. I lost my independence, I lost control of my physical self,  people lost confidence in my intellect, and I lost confidence in myself.

I finally realized that I needed to move away from all the naysayers in order for me to make some significant lasting positive changes in my life. And with newly found determination, I searched for motivational material to help me to erase the negativity that had been plaguing my life.

I became committed to self reflection and personal growth. And through long and intense study, I finally hit a vein so rich that I began to see the greatness in me. I finally found myself.

I focused on my attitude toward things in my life. And I turned the bad thoughts into positive energy. And I worked on becoming a better version of my self where I was able to take back the power and get back into the game of life.

This took years of work and determination for me. Through my violin study and my classical music training, I learned about the importance of self-discipline. Through my experience as a victim of child abuse, I learned to use my intuition to see my way through to another day. Through my experience as an airplane crash survivor, I learned about perseverance. And through my life challenging journey, I learned how to have a Survivor Instinct.

Cyrus Webb​

Imagine yourself as a passenger in an airplane and, in a split second, all hell brakes loose and the airplane crashes to the ground. And through the drama and breathlessness of it, you realize that you are the only survivor. People say that walking away from an airplane crash is surviving it. That’s just the beginning. You can be spared physically, but the emotional paralysis is the psychological trauma of it. Escaping death is one thing. Getting your life back is quite another.

Safi Wa Nairobi​

  • Donna Allen shares how survivi29:46

Melody Brooke​

To listen to Donna Allen's radio interview, click on the radio symbol below

"Donna wrote an article called "Having a Survivor's Instinct "which appeared in Spotlight on Recovery's "Tragedy on Wheels". This issue focused on drunk drivers, driving under the influence, and reckless driving. I believe we all need to have a survivors instinct because we never know what's coming our way.  Unfortunately, so many are not prepared. I am hoping that Donna has more information to share for my upcoming issue (The Competition)"
​(Robin Graham)

Robin Graham, Owner of Spotlight on Recovery Magazine and Publishing Specialist.

(Donna Allen was a contributing writer to Robin Graham's Spotlight on Recovery Magazine

Gail Johnson​

If you've endured rape, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, ritualistic abuse, or you've been a victim of incest, you are a survivor.

If you've had Cancer, Tuberculosis, Polio, or any other debilitating disease, you are a survivor.

If you've experienced war, job loss, bankruptcy, divorce, or any life disrupting event, you are a survivor.

If you've ever had a/an alcohol addiction, drug addiction, food addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, shopping addiction, co-dependency, or any other kind of addiction, you are a survivor.

I am a survivor of child abuse, sexual abuse, and also the sole survivor of an airplane crash. I have gone through the gauntlet of trails and tribulations and, through my experiences, I have learned how to survive and thrive.

"Donna, how wonderful for you. I'm listening to the copy of the (KPFA) interview you sent me and you come across very well. You have a very positive attitude and it comes across very refreshing. You sound very polished. Your voice is clear, well projected, and your answers are focused. I can see why the producer would want you back. I'm so proud of you Donna! Good luck in future interviews. Thank you for sending me a CD copy of the interview."
(Gail Johnson)

(Gail Johnson, owner and CEO of Lasting Impression, one of the top San Francisco Bay Area's on-camera media skills and​ presentation skills coaching firms)​
(Donna Allen was a student at Gail Johnson's on-camera media skills and presentation skills classes at Lasting Impression Media and Presentation Skills ​Coaching Firm)

Jill Lublin​

Jennifer Geronimo​

Donna Allen's radio interview

Having a Survivor Instinct


Donna Allen appeared as a featured guest on Jill Lublin's 'Messages of Hope' television show on the Comcast
​television network​

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Gail Johnson​

Personal Growth from is the most complete guide to information about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Donna Allen was a repeat guest on the internet radio show, "Dialogues With Dan" on Rockland World Radio. Donna talked with radio show host, Dan Windheim, about her life since surviving an airplane crash. She discussed her work on motivation and more.

"Great one Donna....I think a little different from other interviews.  Thanks."
(Dan Windheim)

(Dan Windheim, host of 'Dialogues With Dan' on Rockland World Internet radio)

Donna Allen was a featured guest on the BlogTalk radio show, Optimal Health Seekers.  Donna shared how surviving an airplane crash turned tragedy into a personal triumph.  She discussed, with radio show host, Trish Robichaud, her story of breathlessness during the airplane crash, the life trials that led her to that tragic moment, and the gut-wrenching journey that's finally given purpose to her life. ​

​Secrets to Being Stronger, Smarter, and More Skillful at Handling Life's Adversities

Survivor Instinct Unlimited, LLC is an online self-empowerment coaching firm.

We help survivors of trauma and survivors of life's adversities to:

  • Develop a Survivor Instinct
  • Build Personal Power
  • Be In Control


Survivor Instinct Unlimited, LLC provides self-empowerment coaching services using the following online learning tools:

Dan Windheim​

"That was so impressive! You are a terrific speaker. . . . very eloquent.  It was fascinating to hear your story and I look forward to your book!!"
(Donna Freeberg)

(Donna Freeberg, owner of the network/group: Disabilities - No Limitations)

"This was a powerful dialogue and Donna is so eloquent in her rendition of her struggles and triumphs for all to listen to and to bring home advice in many areas of disability and strength. It is a lovely interview, with great depth, resources, and insight"
(Donna Freeberg)

(Donna Freeberg sent this message to the members of her group: Disabilities - No Limitations, at which Donna Allen is a member)

Donna Allen has been named "Influencer Of The Week" by Donna Freeberg, coordinator of the network:
Disabilities - No Limitations.

(Donna Freeberg, coordinator of the LinkedIn network Disabilities - No Limitations)